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Recently, the first reading at Eucharist has often been from the book of Exodus. I was struck by the description of the women of Israel dancing with tambourines, led by Miriam, the sister of Aaron. The occasion was the passage of Israel through the Red Sea. Given that it followed a remarkable escape from the army of Egypt that was chasing them, they had good reason to celebrate. There are other mentions of dancing in celebration, some of them in the psalms. Even the mountains and hills may be skipping. I think of that when I see the movement caused by breezes among the trees.

One day, I noticed the breeze making the branches of a spruce tree behind the Monastery dance. I could imagine a chorus line of folk dancers rejoicing with flashing skirts as I watched the tree. There are times when all of nature appears to be rejoicing and I feel such gratitude for being able to observe it in sunsets and sunrises, the vivid colors of flowers, the movements and hues of nature. I pray that such opportunities for joy continue.





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